Why buy water when you can make your own super clean water direct from the atmosphere!

What is Airowater - Atmospheric Water Generation?

Through a process called Atmospheric Water Generation, Airowater produces an unlimited supply of high-quality drinking water by extracting moisture out of the atmosphere where there is always a supply of humidity.

The technology harvests moisture from the air by drawing air into the water generator and cooling it, causing the natural moisture in the air to condense. The condensed water is collected and passed through an advanced filtration process that removes any impurities.

Why Airowater - Atmospheric Water Generation?

Atmospheric Water Generators are useful where pure drinking water is difficult or impossible to obtain, because there is almost always a small amount of water in the air that can be extracted.


Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators will revolutionise water supply to your remote business, commercial building, hospitality site or home.


Remote businesses (bush lodges, mining exploration, oilrigs and ships at sea) have difficulty accessing drinking water – often requiring expensive transport of bottled water to these sites.
Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators water is the solution to providing cost effective, pristine quality drinking water that has a reduced carbon footprint.


Commercial buildings (colleges, schools, universities, office parks, industrial and municipal buildings) rely mostly on bottled water as their source of drinking water – a costly, often unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly option.
Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators is a far healthier and cost effective solution to bottled water with a largely reduced carbon footprint.

The hospitality industry (hotels, lodges, restaurants and conference centres) caters for the privileged population who expects the best.
Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators is the healthy, environmentally friendly solution to intermittent and poor quality water supply to these sites which often hampers business productivity.


Domestic houses rely on municipal water for all of their water requirements. As municipal water demand grows, the underlying infrastructure becomes stressed, leading to breakages and leaks, exposing residents to dirt, E.Coli and other dangerous pathogens.
Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators is a far healthier and cost effective solution to bottled water with a largely reduced.


Benefits of Airowater - Atmospheric Water Generation

Airowater Atmospheric Water Generatorsis cost effective since logistic, waste management and transportation costs are removed.

The water is produced from water vapour where waterborne diseases cannot survive and doesn’t risk containing chemicals associated with plastic bottled water.


Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators is made on-site and piped directly to outlets reducing its carbon footprint.

Atmospheric moisture is used to create Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators making it a sustainable solution amidst a growing water crisis.

Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators will save you money over time when compared to other sources of drinking water.

Airowater Atmospheric Water Generators does not risk plastics leeching dangerous chemicals into the water.

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